Erasanthe henrici

(fmr. Aeranthes)
We love Aeranthes…and in the genus, henrici is most certainly the most outstanding! While the flowers are unbeatable, they are also most certainly the most difficult to grow and bloom well. In his book, An Introduction to the Cultivated Angraecoid Orchids of Madagascar, Fred Hillerman describes the roots of as wanting to “come up for air”. We’ve experimented and found it to be true both growing in pots and mounted. He also says, “For those who delight in challenges, this is one that will bring great rewards when success is achieved.” We’ve achieved that success by growing them in intermediate to warm conditions, semi-shaded, with good humidity and regular watering with R.O. water. Sunken spots on the leaves of this species is an indicator of being overly dry. They can be rather PARTICULAR about their watering (this is an understatement). Click here for culture information and to learn more about this species.

These are from our breeding program.

The potted and mounted seedlings shown in Brenda’s hands are representative of what you’ll receive.

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Seedling in terra cotta pot $55, Large seedling on cork $75

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Erasanthe henrici

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