Cyrtorchis chailluana

These are native to tropical west and central Africa; being recorded in at least 15 countries. In our greenhouse it grows well in warm conditions during the spring and summer (up to 96F in the day) and cool conditions in the fall and winter (down to 55F at night). We provide them with plenty of early morning to mid-day light. The way the inflorescence is formed, they’re particularly beautiful when grown on a mount; it shows off the flowers the best. We also grow them potted. If you like fragrance, prepare to be amazed! Its flowers are sweetly scented, particularly in the evening. Note: for detailed information about this species, please click here to read the article Cyrtorchis chailluana in the Culture Information section of our website. These are from our breeding program.

Choose to receive a seedling, a blooming-size plant or a mature specimen. Representative examples are shown in Brenda’s hands.

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Cyrtorchis chailluana