Aerangis kotschyana

This is a personal favorite. It blooms reliably around Thanksgiving for us—and what a show! They are medium sized plants in the Aerangis genus. I understand that these grow in brighter, drier areas in nature, but ours grow and bloom beautifully in what I’d call intermediate light levels. They are one of the most widespread Aerangis in Africa, found in several countries. The leaves of a mature Aerangis kotschyana are outstanding, and nothing quite compares to the long twisting nectaries on the many flowers. We grow them in pots (in an open mix once they reach maturity) but they look their best when mounted! The background can seem a bit busy, so we held a black paper behind a single inflorescence to show how spectacular they are! These are from our own breeding program; one parent being from Isobyl la Croix.

You will receive a blooming sized plant mounted on cork.

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large seedling in 2” pot $27.50, NBS mounted on cork $45


Aerangis kotschyana


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