Angraecum birrimense ‘Swamprad’ CHM/AOS

This Angraecum is not often found in collections and we think it warrants your attention! They are native to a wide area of Africa, but are not widely seen in cultivation. The plants can eventually grow to be quite large; they’re a vining type Angraecum. They have rather large flowers (up to 4″). They’re very sweetly fragrant (typical of angraecums) and are green with a bright, clear white lip. They can be grown mounted or potted. Our parent plant is from Fred Hillerman. Note: we don’t always trek to the greenhouse in the dark in the winter, but we were asked to describe its fragrance. We went through the snow and into the greenhouse just as the heater was finishing a cycle…paradise! It has a smell that reminds us of jasmine, with a citrus “overlay”. Nice. Not heavy.

The potted blooming-sized divisions shown in Brenda’s hand are representative of what you’ll receive. Choose between a taller single growth or a shorter double growth plant.

This plant has been tested and is free of virus.

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Angraecum birrimense ‘Swamprad’ CHM/AOS