Papilionanthe vandarum ‘Marisa’

Let me say a few things about this infinitely “cool” plant. We got it from a woman who does well with Masdevallias. It was near death. They DO NOT like Masdevallia conditions! This species is endemic to eastern Himalayas, India, Nepal and can grow in cool conditions (into the 30s I’m told). But, it does NOT like cool & MOIST growing conditions; it muist be kept dry when it’s cool. We grow them potted and just hanging loose in the greenhouse. The blossoms are FANTASTIC! This flower is what you can expect, as our sale plants are all divisions of that plant.

The bareroot blooming-size division shown in Brenda’s hand is representative of what you’ll receive.

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Papilionanthe vandarum ‘Marisa’


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