Micropera rostrata

This species is endemic to Bangladesh and the Eastern Himalayas; growing in warm conditions. The flowers are beautiful AND FRAGRANT. Culturally, we’ve found that the roots out in the air (in our greenhouse) are the happiest. We tried potting them, but the roots grew everywhere EXCEPT in the pot. Though we’ve not grown them in a home environment, they would need to be potted in a free-draining media (we like Orchiata bark) allowing the roots to get dry between watering. If mounted, a moisture pad would be necessary over the roots on the mount to keep it from getting over-dried. Many people use sphagnum moss, but we prefer coconut husk fiber, and do not put it between the roots and the mount as it prevents the roots from attaching to the mount.

They grow and BLOOM their best in intermediate-bright light.

The bareroot division shown in Brenda’s hand is representative of what you’ll receive.

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Micropera rostrata


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