Cattleya caulescens OIC #15,816

Native to Minas Gerais, Brasil. We actually purchased this as L. flava from Floralia at the World Orchid Conference in Vancouver in 1999. When it bloomed we figured a mistake had been made (flava is typically yellow-flowered), so we sent flowers to the Marie Selby Orchid Identification Center and learned that it is L. caulescens – currently being called Cattleya caulescens. The flower is of this plant. It is described as a warm to cool growing rupicolous lithophyte. We’ve had great success growing them in terra cotta pots, plastic pots (with a larger mix so they dry out well) and on mounts. Overall, it’s an easy to grow plant that is a reliable bloomer.

The potted blooming-sized division shown in Brenda’s hand is representative of what you’ll receive.

Cattleya caulescens OIC #15,816


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