Campylocentrum ornithorrhynchum ‘Grace’s Snow’

Campylocentrum is an interesting genus going through some changes – taxonomically – right now. I don’t keep track of all of it…but it seems that this one is remaining a Campylocentrum. These are one of the “new world” Angraecoids (and there’s only a few of them). Native to Brasil, these are NOT widely available. I love the form of the plant, and when in bloom it has MANY little white flowers. We grow it alongside our Aerangis in intermediate light and in warm temperatures. It’s a cheerful addition to your orchid collection! Click here for culture information and more about this species.

The mounted division shown in Brenda’s hand is representative of what you’ll receive.


Campylocentrum ornithorrhynchum ‘Grace’s Snow’


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