Aerangis monantha

This is a really special species from Madagascar. It has long been frequently sold as Aergs. curnowiana which is incorrect. The epithet monantha means ‘one-flowered’. Even a specimen plant will have few flowers because each inflorescence carries one or occasionally two flowers on a short inflorescence. A “dwarf” plant, it’s common for a plant to have just two or three leaves which will sometimes have a reddish margin. They have beautiful verrucose roots with distinct bronze-colored growing tips. They are quite “stout” on a mature plant. The flowers are beautiful; as the flower opens, the spur becomes loosely coiled and extends to 5-1/8” long! Note: for detailed information about this species, please read the article 3 Aerangis in the Culture Information section of our website. This is from our breeding program using the awarded plant in the flower photo and legally imported plants from Madagascar. Strong growers!

The blooming-sized plant in Brenda’s hand is typical of what you’ll receive.


Aerangis monantha