Aerangis arachnopus

Even though this species was first described in 1854, it’s relatively rare in cultivation. This is a mid-sized Aerangis that produces a zig-zag inflorescence with widely spaced flowers. We grow ours mounted to show off these long inflorescences. Each flower slowly reflexes while open, giving it a flattened appearance. It is presumably named for its spidery looking flowers, though I think that’s a stretch. The tips of the otherwise white flowers are peachy pink and when a mature plant is in bloom it makes a beautiful sight! Our plants are from Isobyl la Croix and she describes seeing them growing on old citrus trees in Congo. It is also found in Cameroon, Gabon and Zaire.

The blooming-sized division shown in Brenda’s hand is representative of what you’ll receive.

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Aerangis arachnopus


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