Angraecum cultriforme ‘Uzumara’

In notes about the native habitat in Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania these are described as “pendent epiphytic herbs” and are found in riverine forests hanging in tangles from small branches, usually low down on host plants. The rather wide distribution and variable nature of this species seems to allow a wider than typical set of conditions that allows success with the plants. Angcm. cultriforme loves a mount whether it is a smooth branch, a cork plaque or the wooden leg of a bench or screen. In our experience, the vast majority of the plants seem to be aerial so the nature of the mount or any pad to cover the base of the plant is not as important a correct location and the proximity to moisture or humidity. They resent any direct light; and they change their appearance depending on the level of light they receive. Watch the roots and leaf color and you will be able to manipulate the environment around the plant to maintain vigor. We got our original plants from Isobyl La Croix.

The mounted, blooming-sized division shown in Brenda’s hand is typical of what you’ll receive.


Angraecum cultriforme ‘Uzumara’


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