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 One-of-a-kind and specimen plants

 Amorphophallus konjac

in 4" pot

amorpho $15
 Billbergia nutans
trimmed division in 3-1/2" pot billberg-nut $7.50
 Clivia miniata
division in 6" pot cliv-min $12.50
 Dorstenia foetida

in 2" pot

dorstenia $2.50
 Hippeastrum papilio
     very limited   
bulb in 4" pot hipp-pap $20
 Hoya onychoides (macgillivrayi)
  Impatiens niamniamensis
 Tacitus bellus

 About our Tillandsias

 Tillandisa argentina   argentina    
 Tillandsia bergeri
BS plant bergeri $5
 Tillandsia capitata
BS plant
(over a foot across)
BS-capitata $25

NBS plant
NBS-capitata $10
 Tillandsia caput-medusae
BS plant caput-med $7.50
 Tillandsia cardenasii
BS offset cardenasii $15
 Tillandsia chiapensis BS plant chiapensis $20
 Tillandsia cyanea
 Tillandsia diaguitensis
 Tillandsia duratii
    very limited      
large offset duratii $12.50
 Tillandsia edithae
offset edithae $5
 Tillandsia ehlersiana
BS plant BS-ehlers $25

NBS offset NBS-ehlers $10

small offset sm-ehlers $2.50
 Tillandsia funckiana        
 Tillandsia grao-mogolensis
     fmr. kurt-horstii
BS plant BS-kurt-horstii $5
 Tillandsia harrisii BS plant
(about a foot across)
harrisii $15
 Tillandsia hondurensis
BS plant hondurensis 12.50
 Tillandsia ionantha single BS plant ionantha $2.50
 Tillandsia ionantha ‘Druid'
single BS plant ionan-druid $5
 Tillandsia ixioides
BS plant ixioides $7.50
 Tillandsia leonamiana
BS offset leonamiana $10
 Tillandsia lorentziana
BS plant lorentziana $10
 Tillandsia meridionalis
BS offset meridionalis $10
 Tillandsia mitlaensis
BS offset mitlaensis $7.50
 Tillandsia narthecoides
many growth plant in 3" pot narth-pot $22.50
bare root division narth-br $7.50
 Tillandsia reichenbachii
BS plant reichenbach $7.50
 Tillandsia schiedeana 'Major'
BS plant schied-major $5
 Tillandsia tectorum
small offset tectorum $10
 Tillandsia usneoides
REALLY large
usneoides $5
 Tillandsia vernicosa
 Vriesea rauhii
    very limited
BS plant
(about a foot across)
vr-rauhii $35