Orchiata - Precision - Extra Small
    1/4 inch - 3-6 mm
    Ideal for seedling orchids

Initially, we thought this size chip would be too small for our use, but WOW! It's perfect for seedlings out of flask and for the really fine rooted orchids.

Orchiata is a unique, stable substrate designed to be used straight from the bag for potting and re-potting orchids.

It is produced from the finest quality, 100% pure New Zealand Pinus radiata bark, sourced from renewable, man-made forests.

A unique natural processing method destroys harmful pathogens and toxins, and leaves behind beneficial micro-organisms to create a high-quality, long lasting, consistent growing substrate.

This processing method also allows Orchiata to hold water and nutrients on the outside layer of each chip and it imparts a slightly rough surface, creating a perfect anchor for orchid roots.

By using Orchiata, growers have reported that frequent re-potting is not necessary, as potted plants have been known to remain in excellent condition in excess of 10 years.