Nutricote Controlled Release Fertilizer 13-13-13 with micronutrients

 Nutricote Controlled Release Fertilizer
 13-13-13 with Micronutrients Type 100
      Nutricote is a high-quality compound fertilizer coated in a unique resin to insure precision controlled release of nutrients. The pliable, resilient coating contains a release agent which allows the penetration of water and subsequent release of the fertilizer. It also contains all the essential micronutrients that your plants require. Type 100 means the fertilizer will release 80% of its nitrogen evenly over a 100 day period at a constant temperature of 77įF (slower at cooler temeratures). The nutrient release of Nutricote is not significantly affected by soil moisture, soil type, soil pH or microbial activity in the soil.

We use it on our orchids (growing in bark ,mixes) and other exotics growing in soil. Full strength is 1/4 tsp. per 1" pot size. Sprinkle it on the top of the potting medium. Do be careful thoughdonít over fertilize!