100% Neem Oil, cold-pressed, filtered organic insecticide

 100% Neem Oil, cold-pressed, filtered, organic insecticide
     Neem (Azadirachta indica) has been used as an insecticide for centuries. It is biodegradable and of very low toxicity (itís even used in toothpaste and cosmetics). Neem contains more than 25 active compounds that combat insects. Neem also works as a systemic which is absorbed into the plant to be ingested by feeding insects. Many beneficial insects are unharmed by neem because they do not ingest the plant.

As an insecticide, Neem works in several ways:
Anti-feedant: Neem suppresses the insects desire to feed and, therefore, no damage is caused.
Repellent: Insects stay away from areas sprayed with neem.
Growth regulator: Neem disrupts the insects hormonal balance so it dies before it molts.

We like it because we donít have to ďsuit upĒ to spray it, we can allow our children to be in the greenhouse, and it works well on scale bugs—a primary pest when growing orchids. As a bonus, it even makes leaves look better by giving them a shine.

Mixing instructions provided.