Botanica’s Magic Mix
     We sell this as a two-part orchid potting medium. It’s an ideal mix is for orchids that don’t like to get over-dry. The base mix begins with our Medium Grade Orchid Potting Mix. Then we and add tree fern fiber and coconut husk chips to it. We use this Magic mix in the bottom of the pot; and “top dress” with our Fine Grade Tri-Mix.

We've found that this layered method works like MAGIC for slipper orchids and the fine-rooted orchids (you know, the ones that get accordion-leaves when you don't water them enough). The coconut husk chips are like little sponges in the mix (you can actually squeeze water from them) and they keep the mix moist for a longer period of time. We “top dress” with the Fine Grade Tri-Mix because those moisture retentive coconut husk chips can cause rot if they sit next to the plant itself for too long.

It is best soaked overnight before using.