Microcoelia bulbocalcarata - a multituide of green and white flowers on a leafless orchid

 Microcoelia bulbocalcarata
     This outstanding leafless orchid is quite rare in cultivation. Endemic to Rwanda and Uganda, in nature they grow on trees and shrubs in the understory of dense forest. Ours seem to have complete disregard for whatever they’re mnounted on (especially as adults). An occasional root or two attaches to the mount to stabilize its growth but the vast majority of the plant thrives in moist open air. Water quality is critical and frequent application is a necessity if you want to grow it well. We have ours on both grape branches and cork with no pad or moisture absorbing material of any kind. We do keep a light layer of Spanish moss (Tillasndsia usneoides) over and/or around them; especially in the summer. Ours get east and filtered south light and intermediate to warm temperatures.
The plants we offer here are from our breeding program. The flower photo is of one parent plant that we orginally acquired from Isobyl la Croix.

We've written an article about Microcoelia bulbocalcarata for the American Orchid Society which you can find under Culture Information under Interact on our home page or click here to read the article.