Guarianthe [Cattleya] skinneri - The National Flower of Costa Rica has a rich story

This is the flower of 'Casa Luna'

 Guarianthe [Cattleya] skinneri
     I knew this was the national flower of Costa Rica (it’s on some of their currency) and wanted more’s what I found: The "Guaria Morada" (Cattleya skinneri), was designated the National Flower of Costa Rica on June 15, 1939. According to Native Costa Rican traditions, the “Guaria Morada” brings fortune and good luck. It brings union and family understanding and channels the best cosmic experiences. It evokes peace and love as well as hope for the future. Its flower does not have a special fragrance because it is filled with dreams to be accomplished. With that said, I think that everyone needs one of these! They’re great growers and bloomers. They like a dry winter rest and will bloom from brown or green sheaths that were formed the summer before (so don’t give up on the sheath if it browns on you).