Dimorphorchis lowii  - showing the yellow female flower and  the red and white male flower

Dimorphorchis lowii - next a person to show the six foot long inflorescences

 Dimorphorchis lowii
     Native to Borneo, Dimorphorchis want bright light and intermediate to warm temperatures. They are fascinating plants that have two distinctly different flowers on the same inflorescence.

The basal flowers are really fragrant and are are yellow with purple spots and there’s usually just a couple of these.

The apical flowers creamy colored with maroon-red blotches and are really neat looking. We bloomed out first one last summer and it was AMAZING!!! It had two female flowers (the yellow ones) and fifty male flowers (the red and white ones) on two six foot long inflorescences. Everyone with the right growing conditions should have one of these!

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