Dendrophylax lindenii - this famous “ghost” has intrigued people for many years with its incredible white frog-like flowers!

 Dendrophylax lindenii
     We could write volulmes about this wonderful orchid. It has been popularized by book and movie...and here’s a chance to grow it in your own environment! Our first introduction to it was in 1984 and it has drawn our attention since. Looking at the blossom, it is easy to see that this orchid is a relative of the African angraecoids. It is, however, a new world orchid. It is perhaps best known as Polyradicion or Polyrrhiza lindenii but is most accurately called Dendrophylax lindenii. Though certainly not the easiest to grow of the genus, we’ve found success by using very clean water with a full complement of micronutrients. A daily misting in our greenhouse keeps root tips green and growing year round.