Dendrobium cucumerinum ‘Mem. Stanford Madsen’ AM/AOS - true miniatures with leaves like little cucumbers!

 Dendrobium cucumerinum
     A mini-miniature! This choice species has wonderful little leaves that look like cucumbers (hence its name). Also sometimes referred to as Dockrillia cucumerina, it is a native of Australia. It’s one of those orchids that’s “fragrant” (foul smelling). Thankfully, you have to get really close at just the right time of day to smell it. It is best grown mounted.

We were the thrilled recipients of TWO awards in 2006 from the American Orchid Society on our cucumerinums. Pictured is ‘Mem. Stanford Madsen’ AM/AOS. We named the other one ‘Mem. Grace Madsen’ CCM/AOS. The names are after grandparents; one a loving nurturer and the other a sturdy and loving provider.

Our seedlings are our cross between these two award winners.