Cycnoches barthiorum - My husband was right...these flowers are stunning!

 Cycnoches barthiorum
     I was really rather tired of hearing my husband talk about Cycnoches...then they started to bloom...the rest is history. These are his words:“What can I say about the worlds most impressive orchid flower. Huge, beautiful, bizzare, unique? I first learned about this plant several years ago while surfing the web for columbian orchid species when I came upon a picture that made my jaw drop and mouth salivate. Then I read what the grower was asking for seedlings in 2" pots. I am not accustomed to paying $120.00 for a seedling of anything, but this thing was too beautiful not to own (I am an admitted lifelong victim of orchidaholism). In the time that I been trying to convince my wife to purchase one of these incredible beauties they have become much more widespread and much more affordable.” He was right and here they are!