Cattleya percivaliana x C. percivaliana ‘Summit’ FCC/AOS
     This species Cattleya was described by Reichenbach in 1883 as a lithophite that exhibits epiphitic tendencites. It flowers from September to January with 2-5 flowers approx. 5 to 7 inches across and is wonderfully fragrant. This is a division of one of our special stock plants. We aquired it from Baker and Chantry in 1990 and have enjoyed it enough to keep it in our personal collection indefinitely. I have seen the clone ‘Summit’ in bloom and feel that this species cross back to another percivaliana is nearly as nice. Some breeders belive that the repeated cloning of a plant can become genetically inferior or weak - i.e. a clone of a clone of a clone etc. I am not a breeder nor a genetisist but feel that there is probably something to that concept. This plant is a “KEEPER”!!!