Angraecum viguieri has the most brightly colored flowers in the genus.

 Angraecum viguieri
     Native to the amazing island of Madagascar. This plant has a beautiful and unusual looking flower; and the most colorful of the Angraecums. These can bloom at a rather small size (just a few inches tall) and eventually grow to be quite tall. The flowers are large for the plant size and like the “typical” Angraecum, are fragrant at night. This might be one of the trickiest seedlings we have had personal experience with as it needs the right combination of conditions on day one; not much room for forgiveness here. Once we disregarded what we’d read about culture for these, and tried “our own thing” the plants stopped dying! Soon they were observed to be producing copious numbers of fine wiry roots. Low light, regular water and modest fertilizer has yielded good results for us. They DO NOT like to have their roots disturbed, so try your best to leave them alone! We’ve tried them plaqued and potted, and honestly, as well as we do with plaqued plants, the ones in pots have grown (and bloomed) better!