Angraecum urschianum has foliage that looks like a succulent and flowers that dwarf its miniature size.

 Angraecum urschianum
     Angraecum urschianum is native to a small region in northeastern Madagascar [not a particularly safe place to call home right now]. It is a very small plant whose foliage looks more like a succulent [gasteria or hawarthia] than an orchid. Despite its succulent appearance, urschianum will quickly succumb if allowed to become overly dry. We have had very good success with cork mounts and coconut fiber pad. We grow them near our Angraecum filicornu and linearifolium and give them a very brief rest during late fall and early winter. The flowers are bigger than the plant (about an inch across) - and they have extraordinarily long nectaries (about four inches long). Their disproportionate bloom to plant size recommends them as a must for the Angraecoid lover with limited space. Again, never allow them to dry completely!

We've written an article about Angraecum urschianum for the American Orchid Society which you can find under Culture Information under Interact on our home page or click here to read the article.