Angraecum linearifolium ‘Tristan’s Spider’ CHM/AOS is a spidery flower on a needle-leaf plant - so UNUSUAL!

 Angraecum linearifolium
     These are some of the most delicate needle-like leaves I’ve ever seen on an orchid. Combine that with delicate, spidery flowers of significant color and you have a stunning, unusual beauty! Often misidentified as teritifolium, linearifolium seems to do well plaqued, or when placed in a basket. Culture would obviously be a bit different depending on the method that you choose. We have had good success with cork and a fairly significant pad of coconut fiber. This seems to indicate that dryness will prevent the species from doing very well. As with most of the species from northern Madagascar that we grow, year round moisture and weak fertilizer keeps our plants well hydrated and able to bloom regularly in late winter and early spring. We keep ours in a shady location with good air movement.