Angraecum dollii is a rare beauty with large green and white flowers.

 Angraecum dollii
     These are native to the dryer forest areas around Antsirabe Madagascar. If you research this obscure beauty, you might find pot culture recommended. As with so many of the Angraecums from Madagascar, we have plaqued ours on cork with coconut fiber. In no way would we consider this strictly cool growing or miniature as we’ve seen written. Our greenhouse is regularly in the 90s [°F] in the summer and they love it. After experimenting with several plants in various levels of light, we have observed that those in higher light have larger flowers, more torpid leaves and more aggressive roots. The morphology of this plant suggests that it is capable of withstanding dry periods. Alter this with a complete drench and fertilization on regular intervals during active growth and this jewel will reward you with stunning, crystalline white and green flowers.

We've written an article about Angraecum dollii for the American Orchid Society which you can find under Culture Information under Interact on our home page or click here to read the article.