Angraecum bicallosum - amazing large white flowers for small angraecum

 Angraecum bicallosum
     These plants are native to northern Madagascar; Montagne d’Ambre National Park. Plaque culture for bicallosum has worked well for us and the plants seem to enjoy life both on and off the mount itself. As with so many of its relatives, bicallosum enjoys high humidity and more light than we have seen recommended for the species. When mounting this species be careful to cover the root system that has been protected from light and heat but do not cover aerial roots that have developed without cover as they will surely die. Once mounted with a modest coconut pad, correctly placed on top of the root system we nestle the mounts into Spanish moss. The moss keeps additional moisture available to the plants. This keeps the delicate root system hydrated which is critical to the plants vigor.

NOTE: this photo was taken as the flower was fading and not at its bad.