Aerangis articulata - many large, fragrant, pristine white flowers

 Aerangis articulata
     Native to Madagascar. This is one that we prefer to grow in pots rather than on plaques. Fred Hillerman’s comment about articulata is as follows “This is one of the finest of the genus Aerangis. The flowers are of the purest white, very nicely scented, and held on cascading inflorescences in which all the flowers open together and are well arranged. Often confused with Aerangis modesta, this species is more showy, larger in plant size, and longer stemmed. Aerangis articulata is a plant that definitely belongs in every collection.” What more can we say?!!!

We've written an article about Aerangis articulata for the American Orchid Society which you can find under Culture Information under Interact on our home page or click here to read the article.