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 Hippeastrum papilio
     Years ago, we got some odd-ball plants from a friend who was moving and really needed to limit the number of plants that moved with him. He said this was a “special” amaryllis. I didn’t think much of it…I’d had box store amaryllis at Christmas…fun but not high on the "must have" list. THEN IT BLOOMED. And WOW! Digging into the pot we found the tag: Hippeastrum papilio, a Brazilian native [papilio is Latin for butterfly]. I’ll be darned if I can find our photo of it in bloom, so please visit:">

Isn’t it a beauty? Most Hippeastrums need a dormancy to re-bloom, but this one stays green year round. It’s been easy to grow, blooms regularly and it was at a point where we needed to pot it up or divide it. Obviously we did the latter and have some beautiful bulbs!